Budapest guide part two


Szimpla Kert: is the most famous ruin pub in Budapest. This bar is ranked as the third best in the world, so it is well worth a visit. All kinds of people gather here: backpackers, locals, hipsters, tourists, poshies. There are different types of rooms; one for board games, a beer bar both inside and outside, one with a photobooth, a wine bar, a room with football games and so fourth. It has a relaxed and a 'come as you are' type of vibe. Go from room to room and enjoy the mood in them one by one. 

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Doblo Wine Bar: the perfect place for a relaxed start of the evening, or to catch up with someone over some wine tasting. Choose the 'Hungarian Mini' which includes a glass of white, rosé, red, and dessert wine. A small section of bread, cheese and different dips are also included. It is located in the jewish district. 

Spiler: Great to hang out here in the cool atmosphere. Good drinks (and food) at a cool location. It is located in the Gozsdu street, and this is probably one of the busiest restaurants/bars in that area. 

360 bar: located on the highest rooftop in Budapest. This is the place to be during the summer, with a 360 degree view onto the skyline. Relaxed atmosphere and live music. Could be crowded and long lines, but it is well worth the wait. If you go before 8 pm from thursday to saturday, you will avoid the entrance fee (1000 huf).


Cirkusz Cafe: the perfect place for breakfast; they serve it all day long! Good juices and lemonades, and great variety of different egg dishes. Located in the jewish district.  

Eco Cafe: Organic cafe with loads of goods. They have very tasty matcha latte and good sandwiches, as well as many healthy cakes and snakcs. Lots of healthy options. 

Budapest food guide

I have been living in Budapest since september due to my studies, and I am loving it. Budapest is a really trendy and charming city, with a lot of history.  

 From now on I will be posting some recommendations from Budapest. Since I am a true foodie and Budapest have a lot of good restaurants and variety in their food, this post will be about some of my favourite restaurants so far. 


Mazel Tov: My favourite jewish restaurant is this cozy and trendy ruin garden type of place. Good falafels and a lot of vegetarian options for a very cheap price, they also have good drinks. It is located in the jewish district and is very popular amongst locals, it is almost always fully booked so remember to book in advance. In the summer one can sit outside under the stars, during the winter this is a heated garden with charming lights. There is live music every day, and the atmosphere is somewhat magical.

Vintage Garden: Is located in the jewish district and is a very chic place. They have different themes both on their interior and food, as it changes according to the season. Lovely food and drinks, great lemonades, especially the ginger lemonade. During the summer this place is located under the stars, but during the winter the garden closes of so remember to book in advance.

Next-door one can buy all kinds of delicious desserts and cakes at their cafe 'The Sweet by Vintage Garden'. 


Baraka: Is pure French-Asian cooking art, and is recommended in the Michelin guide. Classy and gastronomic food, that is beautifully made. Recommended for special occasions as it is a bit pricy, but it is worth every coin. Located a short walk from the five-star hotels and Danube.


Nobu: Japanese restaurant at the Kempinski hotel. Try the passion fruit and salmon ceviche as a starter, and the black cod as a main, YUM. The lychee drinks are also well worth a try, they are amazing.

Local Corner: the best pizza if you are in a hurry. You can customize your own pizza for a really good prize. Eat there or take it away. They have lot of great vegetarian options and many types of tasty beers.


Konyv Bar and restaurant: a very chic restaurant located in the heart of the jewish district. They 'cook a new book' each week, which means that one can read the book and taste the flavours from the book inspired dishes. A very cool concept. The food is superb as well. 


Menza: Cool and trendy restaurant, a favourite to a lot of young locals. Good duck dishes.

Iguana: the best Mexican in town. Order the veggie fajitas with extra guacamole and cheese topping, Yummy! The mojito and margaritas are also great.

Sao: a tiny restaurant with vietnamese dishes. Good spring rolls and dumplings. 

Tokio: The best sushi in town. A tad expensive, but it is worth it. Japanese dishes and sushi, and great drinks. Relaxed atmosphere in a very trendy place. 

Fruccola: Everything from soups, pastas, cakes to mix your own salad. Super tasty and healthy food.

Kiosk: Very posh and cool place. Great food and even better drinks. 

Some snapshots from Zakynthos

Guide to Zakynthos

My number one tips when it comes to islands like Zakynthos, is to rent a car. 

Zakynthos is a relatively small island, it will only take some hours to drive around the whole island.


Choose where to stay depending on what you would like to do on vacation. If you are there for partying, then choose the area of Laganas/Kalamaki or Argassi.

If you are there for the traditional greek, I would choose Keri. 

Keri is a lovely, small town a small car trip away from the bigger cities. 

There is no sand beach in Keri, but the stone beach is pretty stunning. The water is so clear!



Anadalis in Argassi

A very charming restaurant by the ocean. Watch the sunset while eating gastronomic food. 

Massa Mediterranean Cusine + Bar in Kalamaki

A small and cosy restaurant. Loved the tzatziki and bruschetta here. 



Go on adventure - rent a car!


Xigia beach:

A small and delightful beach, a bit hidden from the road.

Shipwreck bay/Navigo Beach:

One of the biggest tourist attractions in Greece. So, so beautiful.

We rented a car to get here, but it is also possible to be a part of the many guided tours.

Marathonisi island

Also called 'turtle island'. Beautiful small island, boat taxies from the harbour will take you there.

Porto Limnionas 

Beautiful stone formations, and clear green blue water.




Shipwreck bay

Drove to the most photographed place in Zakynthos: the shipwreck bay.

It is as stunning in real life as it appears to be on photos.


Zakynthos is such a great place. Wanderlust and insporation everywhere! Clear blue water, happy people, tzatsiki and a mythos. What more can you ask for?

These pictures are from Keri. Such a nice place, perfect for a laidback holiday.

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders in the world, and is on the UNESCO world heritage list.

It is the most beautiful place I have ever been.

Taj Mahal was build by Shah Jahan as a memorial of his dear and beloved favourite wife. 

Women craft centre, Chandelao

Sunder Rang is the name of the women craft centre in Chandelao, this means beautiful colours. 

The local village women can work here, and get payed weekly. It's a chance for the women to be independent and to feel a great worth as they also can contribute with more than making food and take care of the children. There are between 7 and 15 women who works here monday-friday. The women are encouraged to work as often as they are able to, but don't need to work everyday. 

Some of the youngest girls, they just worked at Sunder Rang when they were not at school. 

They make beautiful clothing's, accessories and decorations. Everything from bed sheets to beautiful dresses.


A 30 minute drive from Jodhpur it's the village of Chandelao.

It's approximately 2000 inhabitants here. Chandelao fort is a culture heritage fort which is 300 years old.

It was given as an honor to the great Rao Kumpa for leading the war in 1544 A.D. and has since then been in the family.

Praduman Singh Rathore is now the 16th generation of this family, and is the owner. He lives here together with his lovely mother.

The fort is open for tourists and holds 18 luxurious rooms. The norwegian royal family is among the guests who have stayed here.

The fort has a pool, rooftop terrace where the dinner is being served under the stars, and an amazing history.

But, the most amazing things happens just outside of the gate of the fort. It's two schools, a women craft centre and a computer center in this village. The people who lives here are more than welcoming to tourists and love if you have the time to visit and see their little homes and family.

They are humble and grateful for everything, it is always laughter and songs in the streets.   

I played cricket and different games with the children, which both them and I really enjoyed. 



Must-do's in Jodhpur

- Go on a Camel Safari in the Thar dessert. It's even possible to spend the night(s) in camps. I've heard it takes hours to get there, but with dinner and a clear sky full of stars in return, I guess it's worth it. Will definitely try this next time. 

- Buy a Sari, and wear it. Indian people cherish and appreciate this so much. I was chased at the street by people who wanted to thank me for wearing Sari and people I walked by called me "sunder" which means beautiful in Hindi.

- Visit the markets around the clock tower. It's such beautiful colours, and they sell everything from spices to cloths. 

- Drink real chai tea from a local. It's a one of a kind experience. They don't drink from the cup, they pour it out on the plate so it gets faster cooled down. The cup and plate in made out of clay, so when one is finish one throws it on the ground.

- Visit the small villages outside of Jodhpur, like Chandelao. Unique experiences, with beautiful culture and people.

- Watch the sunset from a rooftop. This picture is taken in Chandelao.

- Go on a vegetable market, the one is Pipar city is really good

- Take the zip-line around Mehrangarh fort. I've heard it's  an really amazing view.

- Get a henna tattoo.


- Walk to the top of the Mehrangarh fort.


Jodhpur - the blue city

No wonder why Jodhpur is called the blue city..


The clocktower in Jodhpur is in the middle of the city, and where all the markets are. 


Mehrangarh fort in Jodhpur

Inside the fort

View from the top of the fort

Jodhpur is a city of 1 million inhabitants, at least that is what it says on the paper.. The city looks enormous from the top of Mehrangarh fort. 

Street fashion in India

People in India are beautiful and they make everyday a fiesta. Money is measured in how many gold rings, necklaces etc. you are wearing. I did not wear anything, and I was often asked how it was that I was white, did not have a husband and had no gold on me. Their conclusion was that my mother was just really unlucky.. 

An ordinary day in India, too beautiful.

Traveling through

When arriving in India I was taken by surprise. I was well prepared since both my older sister and my mom had been there before, at least I though I was well prepared. The first thing that stroked me was the traffic, I'd heard plenty times before that it was crazy. But to be in an taxi in 80 km/ph on a small, dusty road that would not even be categorised as a road in Norway, while having near-to-death experiences every 5th minute.. Well, that was something no one could be prepared enough for.


The cows were everywhere. A cow is practically God in India and means luck. Since the cows was pretty much used to the traffic, they were everywhere and sometimes they were laying in the middle of the road. This was not a stopper for the taxi drivers; they just used the other side of the road - still in 80 km/ph. I sat there gasping, suddenly there came a truck in the same direction, rushing towards us. My taxi driver pulled the car steering wheel, and just when I waited for the crash, we were safety on the other side of the road again.

One thing I learned in India, is that the drivers have full control. It might not seem like that for us, but after a while you understand that it is an order in the chaos. There are unwritten rules that everyone follows, like honking. They honk all the time to tell the other drivers that they are coming through, that they are driving too slow or driving too name it. 

Amazing India

INDIA. What can I say? How can I possibly make anyone else feel a hint of what I felt, how can I describe you? You stole my heart.

The truth is that words cannot describe how much I fell in love with you. India, You are beyond beautiful and the humans that live there are incredible. You have taken my breath away. This journey changed me. I believe that life is not meant to be lived in one place; one should travel as much as possible. Travel is the best form for education. At least, it was that for me.




Naxos in pictures

Open air cinema in Naxos

If you want to do something else on holiday, try outdoor open air cinema!! What is better than a sky full of stars over your head, popcorn in your lap and a good movie in front of you? The cinema is filled with locals and there is a pause in the middle of the movie, I get the vibe of being a truly local tourist..which I like. The cinema is located a 10 min walk from the town, depending on where you are staying.  We saw a Woody Allen movie, and enjoyed it. Totally worth it!



Restaurant tips

At Naxos there are several good restaurants, here is my 3 dinner favourites.

LÓsteria wine bar ristorante, is located in the old town of Naxos. It offers great italian red wine and amazing tapas. They change their menu daily, so we ended up eating here 4 out of 7 nights.. We did not regret it. Salad with fresh mozzarella and truffles, tasted heavenly.. A big plus for a lovely staff!

La Vigne French Wine Bar was also a good tapas restaurant. A small, cosy restaurant with good food! The menu was french and delicious, great wine as well. The staff had a lot of knowledge about what they served, and their wines. A big plus.

Su e Giu is located in the harbour, with great view to the ocean. They serve lovely seafood! The seafood pasta we had here was amazing: lightly creamed, big portion and a glass of white wine. One word, perfect!



Boat Trip

We bought a ticket for one day sailing trip around Naxos via Captain Panos, I was a bit afraid of snorkelling due to the though of sharks.. I know it sound silly, but that is just me. But it went amazingly fine! The crew on the boat where really relaxing to be around and the day turned out to be amazing!!!

We sailed from Chora and south until the end of Naxos, before sailing to Koufonissi and Kato Koufonissi. 

Koufonissi is a small island with a little over 300 inhabitants. There is some hotels here as well as restaurants. This is a place I want to experience more of. The water is crystal clear, and the city seems so peaceful. We stopped the boat some meters away, so we could swim and enjoy the beauty.



Kato Koufonissi on the other hand, as approximately 10 house. Certainly not any hotels, and only one local restaurant which we had our lunch in. This was a family owned restaurant through 100 years. The food was very local and fresh, everything from greek salad to cooked goat. The locals played instruments and sang greek songs, it was a great experience and a fantastic atmosphere! 


Between the two island we stopped for cave snorkelling. The crew timed it so everyone survived, and it was perfectly safe..haha. 10 min after we where finished, the waves from a big ship came and crushed in to the caves.. The crew had long experience, so it all went fine. 

We did also jump 7 meters down from the cliffs. Amazing.

I would really recommend this to everyone!! 


The beaches of Naxos

Who loves going to the beach? I can certainly claim to be one of the biggest beach lovers of all time. I can't stand just laying by some pool when there is beaches nearby, pools are just not exiting. I mean, the ocean is just more FUN. And what's not to like about the ocean?mThe clear saltwater that makes my hair and skin look amazing, the sun which makes me tan and just feeling the warm breeze around my body.. I may sound selfish, but I would love lying on a beach for an entire day. Speaking of beaches, Naxos has some of the best in the world. So here it comes, a little beach guide for Naxos.


The closest one to Chora is the city beach or Agios Georgios, and this is where most of the tourist ends up. It's okay: it's close to the city and..well, pretty much like any other city beach in a tourist place. Clingy sellers, brown sand and too much people. Don't mean to sound rude, but it's just not my cup of tea. It's perfectly fine when traveling with kids or if you are having a lazy day when you just want to sleep the day away.. 


But, if you want to see something spectacular, not too far away - then just jump on the bus, take a cab or rent a bicycle and visit the other beaches nearby. I strongly recommend this! By jumping on a bus(which goes from the harbour and through the city, and leaves every 10 min) the magic begins:


Agios Prokopios is the first beach you'll reach, and it's a little isolated. You have to walk from the road and turn to right to get here, the nearest restaurants is where Agian Anna(next beach) is. Above the beach, in the hill side is where the wealthiest in Naxos lives - at least that is what the rumours say. This is a beautiful beach with clear blue water, and whiter and finer sand than the city beach. There are beach beds for rent, but also space enough if you want to lay on a towel.

5 minuets further down the road, is where Agia Anna is. This is probably the hippest beach in Naxos. There are many restaurants and bars there, and loud music. There is volleyball opportunities and chill out spots.


If more privacy and less people is what you are looking for, try heaven-on-earth: Plaka Beach!

This is my favourite beach, and where the buss stopes before returning to town again. The rules here are simple: the more privacy you want, the further you have to walk. The only disadvantage here, is that where the buss stops - the restaurants and beach clubs also ends. So bring lunch or walk back to the start of Plaka beach, when the hunger gets you. The beach beds are only at the start of Plaka, they get fewer and fewer the further you walk. I personally really like to lay on a big beach towel, so I don't mind not having a beach long as I have privacy enough to enjoy the beautiful nature of Plaka.





Naxos is the largest island in the group of Cyclades. It's my second time here and I'm really excited. Despite being a large island, the airport is noting to brag about. So, for the second time we are arriving to the island by boat. Thank god, for good ferry connections! This time we flew from Oslo to Santorini, and then took a ferry out to Naxos. The ferrytrip took about 3,5h... A bit too long if you ask me, but all bad is forgotten when arriving to this little pearl.

Surrounded by clear blue water and a breeze so warm you believe you are in heaven, you have reached Naxos. 

Chora or Naxos town is what welcomes you first. It's a long and charming harbour filled with kosy resturants and bars. If you believe that Naxos is a place for partying, you are wrong. As I can recall there is only one nightclub there, but even that one is more like a chill lounge with good atmosphere and music. 

We are staying at a nice little hotel called Spiros, it lays closer to the beach than to the city  - but still so close that it only takes us about 10 minuets to walk to the harbour.

Later, I am going to write about the beaches here at Naxos..because they are amazing.


I have a passion about the good life: the feeling of being alive. To travel, to eat and to explore the world. Meet new people, explore different cultures and taste new food.


For a start, I am a 21-year-old girl from Norway and my name is Kristine. Through this blog, I want to write about the places I have been to, the food I have tasted and my experiences around that. This is basically just for keeping track for my own good, but will be happy if anyone can use my tips.


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