Naxos is the largest island in the group of Cyclades. It's my second time here and I'm really excited. Despite being a large island, the airport is noting to brag about. So, for the second time we are arriving to the island by boat. Thank god, for good ferry connections! This time we flew from Oslo to Santorini, and then took a ferry out to Naxos. The ferrytrip took about 3,5h... A bit too long if you ask me, but all bad is forgotten when arriving to this little pearl.

Surrounded by clear blue water and a breeze so warm you believe you are in heaven, you have reached Naxos.

Chora or Naxos town is what welcomes you first. It's a long and charming harbour filled with kosy resturants and bars. If you believe that Naxos is a place for partying, you are wrong. As I can recall there is only one nightclub there, but even that one is more like a chill lounge with good atmosphere and music.

We are staying at a nice little hotel called Spiros, it lays closer to the beach than to the city - but still so close that it only takes us about 10 minuets to walk to the harbour.

Later, I am going to write about the beaches here at Naxos..because they are amazing.

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