The beaches of Naxos

Who loves going to the beach? I can certainly claim to be one of the biggest beach lovers of all time. I can't stand just laying by some pool when there is beaches nearby, pools are just not exiting. I mean, the ocean is just more FUN. And what's not to like about the ocean?mThe clear saltwater that makes my hair and skin look amazing, the sun which makes me tan and just feeling the warm breeze around my body.. I may sound selfish, but I would love lying on a beach for an entire day.Speaking of beaches, Naxos has some of the best in the world. So here it comes, a little beach guide for Naxos.

The closest one to Chora is the city beach or Agios Georgios, and this is where most of the tourist ends up. It's okay: it's close to the city and..well, pretty much like any other city beach in a tourist place. Clingy sellers, brown sand and too much people. Don't mean to sound rude, but it's just not my cup of tea. It's perfectly fine when traveling with kids or if you are having a lazy day when you just want to sleep the day away..

But, if you want to see something spectacular, not too far away - then just jump on the bus, take a cab or rent a bicycle and visit the other beaches nearby. I strongly recommend this!By jumping on a bus(which goes from the harbour and through the city, and leaves every 10 min) the magic begins:

Agios Prokopiosis the first beach you'll reach, and it's a little isolated. You have to walk from the road and turn to right to get here, the nearest restaurants is where Agian Anna(next beach) is. Above the beach, in the hill side is where the wealthiest in Naxos lives - at least that is what the rumours say. This is a beautiful beach with clear blue water, and whiter and finer sand than the city beach. There are beach beds for rent, but also space enough if you want to lay on a towel.

5 minuets further down the road, is whereAgia Anna is. This is probably the hippest beach in Naxos. There are many restaurants and bars there, and loud music. There is volleyball opportunities and chill out spots.

If more privacy and less people is what you are looking for, try heaven-on-earth:Plaka Beach!

This is my favourite beach, and where the buss stopes before returning to town again. The rules here are simple: the more privacy you want, the further you have to walk. The only disadvantage here, is that where the buss stops - the restaurants and beach clubs also ends. So bring lunch or walk back to the start of Plaka beach, when the hunger gets you. The beach beds are only at the start of Plaka, they get fewer and fewer the further you walk. I personally really like to lay on a big beach towel, so I don't mind not having a beach long as I have privacy enough to enjoy the beautiful nature of Plaka.

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h, som jeg lengter! Fine Naxos <3

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