Boat Trip

We bought a ticket for one day sailing trip around Naxos via Captain Panos, I was a bit afraid of snorkelling due to the though of sharks.. I know it sound silly, but that is just me. But it went amazingly fine! The crew on the boat where really relaxing to be around and the day turned out to be amazing!!!

We sailed from Chora and south until the end of Naxos, before sailing to Koufonissi and Kato Koufonissi.

Koufonissi is a small island with a little over 300 inhabitants. There is some hotels here as well as restaurants. This is a place I want to experience more of. The water is crystal clear, and the city seems so peaceful. We stopped the boat some meters away, so we could swim and enjoy the beauty.

Kato Koufonissi on the other hand, as approximately 10 house. Certainly not any hotels, and only one local restaurant which we had our lunch in. This was a family owned restaurant through 100 years. The food was very local and fresh, everything from greek salad to cooked goat. The locals played instruments and sang greek songs, it was a great experience and a fantastic atmosphere!

Between the two island we stopped for cave snorkelling. The crew timed it so everyone survived, and it was perfectly safe..haha. 10 min after we where finished, the waves from a big ship came and crushed in to the caves.. The crew had long experience, so it all went fine.

We did also jump 7 meters down from the cliffs. Amazing.

I would really recommend this to everyone!!

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