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When arriving in India I was taken by surprise. I was well prepared since both my older sister and my mom had been there before, at least I though I was well prepared. The first thing that stroked me was the traffic, I'd heard plenty times before that it was crazy. But to be in an taxi in 80 km/ph on a small, dusty road that would not even be categorised as a road in Norway, while having near-to-death experiences every 5th minute.. Well, that was something no one could be prepared enough for.

The cows were everywhere. A cow ispracticallyGod in India and means luck. Since the cows was pretty much used to the traffic, they were everywhere and sometimes they were laying in the middle of the road. This was not a stopper for the taxi drivers; they just used the other side of the road - still in 80 km/ph. I sat there gasping, suddenly there came a truck in the same direction, rushing towards us. My taxi driver pulled the car steering wheel, and just when I waited for the crash, we were safety on the other side of the road again.

One thing I learned in India, is that the drivers have full control. It might not seem like that for us, but after a while you understand that it is an order in the chaos. There are unwritten rules that everyone follows, like honking. They honk all the time to tell the other drivers that they are coming through, that they are driving too slow or driving too name it.

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