Must-do's in Jodhpur

- Go on a Camel Safari in the Thar dessert. It's even possible to spend the night(s) incamps. I've heard it takes hours to get there, but with dinner and a clear sky full of stars in return, I guess it's worth it. Will definitely try this next time.

- Buy a Sari, and wear it. Indian people cherish and appreciate this so much. I was chased at the street by people who wanted to thank me for wearing Sari and people I walked by called me "sunder" which means beautiful in Hindi.

- Visit the markets around the clock tower. It's such beautiful colours, and they sell everything from spices to cloths.

- Drink real chai tea from a local. It's a one of a kind experience. They don't drink from the cup, they pour it out on the plate so it gets faster cooled down. The cup and plate in made out of clay, so when one is finish one throws it on the ground.

- Visit the small villages outside of Jodhpur, like Chandelao. Unique experiences, with beautiful culture and people.

- Watch the sunset from a rooftop. This picture is taken in Chandelao.

- Go on a vegetable market, the one is Pipar city is really good

- Take the zip-line aroundMehrangarh fort. I've heard it's an really amazing view.

- Get a henna tattoo.

- Walk to the top of theMehrangarhfort.

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