A 30 minute drive from Jodhpur it's the village of Chandelao.

It's approximately 2000 inhabitants here. Chandelao fort is aculture heritage fort which is 300 years old.

It was given as an honor to the great Rao Kumpa for leading the war in 1544 A.D. and has since then been in the family.

Praduman Singh Rathore is now the 16th generation of this family, and is the owner. He lives here together with his lovely mother.

The fort is open for tourists and holds 18 luxurious rooms. The norwegian royal family is among the guests who have stayed here.

The fort has a pool, rooftop terrace where the dinner is being served under the stars, and an amazing history.

But, the most amazing things happens just outside of the gate of the fort. It's two schools, a women craft centre and a computer center in this village. The people who lives here are more than welcoming to tourists and love if you have the time to visit and see their little homes and family.

They are humble and grateful for everything, it is always laughter and songs in the streets.

I played cricket and different games with the children, which both them and I really enjoyed.

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