Guide to Zakynthos

My number one tips when it comes to islands like Zakynthos, is to rent a car.

Zakynthos is a relatively small island, it will only take some hours to drive around the whole island.


Choose where to stay depending on what you would like to do on vacation. If you are there for partying, then choose the area of Laganas/Kalamaki or Argassi.

If you are there for the traditional greek, I would choose Keri.

Keri is a lovely, small town a small car trip away from the bigger cities.

There is no sand beach in Keri, but the stone beach is pretty stunning. The water is so clear!


Anadalis in Argassi

A very charming restaurant by the ocean. Watch the sunset while eating gastronomic food.

Massa Mediterranean Cusine + Bar in Kalamaki

A small and cosy restaurant. Loved the tzatziki and bruschetta here.


Go on adventure - rent a car!

Xigia beach:

A small and delightful beach, a bit hidden from the road.

Shipwreck bay/Navigo Beach:

One of the biggest tourist attractions in Greece. So, so beautiful.

We rented a car to get here, but it is also possible to be a part of the many guided tours.

Marathonisi island

Also called 'turtle island'. Beautiful small island, boat taxies from the harbour will take you there.

Porto Limnionas

Beautiful stone formations, and clear green blue water.

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