Naxos in pictures

Open air cinema in Naxos

If you want to do something else on holiday, try outdoor open air cinema!! What is better than a sky full of stars over your head, popcorn in your lap and a good movie in front of you? The cinema is filled with locals and there is a pause in the middle of the movie, I get the vibe of being a trul...

Restaurant tips

At Naxos there are several good restaurants, here is my 3 dinner favourites. Lsteria wine bar ristorante, is located in the old town of Naxos. It offers great italian red wine and amazing tapas. They change their menu daily, so we ended up eating here 4 out of 7 nights.. We did not regret it. S...

Boat Trip

We bought a ticket for one day sailing trip around Naxos via Captain Panos, I was a bit afraid of snorkelling due to the though of sharks.. I know it sound silly, but that is just me. But it went amazingly fine! The crew on the boat where really relaxing to be around and the day turned out to be ...

The beaches of Naxos

Who loves going to the beach? I can certainly claim to be one of the biggest beach lovers of all time. I can't stand just laying by some pool when there is beaches nearby, pools are just not exiting. I mean, the ocean is just more FUN. And what's not to like about the ocean?mThe clear saltwater t...


Naxos is the largest island in the group of Cyclades. It's my second time here and I'm really excited. Despite being a large island, the airport is noting to brag about. So, for the second time we are arriving to the island by boat. Thank god, for good ferry connections! This time we flew from Os...


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